Avrora and Red: Photo by Erin Osiowy

frac·tured [frak-churd]


  1. The act of breaking; state of being broken.
  2. A fairy tale that is changed from its original.
  3. Not of sound mind; mentally deranged or broken.
  4. Slang. To amuse highly or cause to laugh heartily with delight.


Fractured is a world of steam and gears, built on the stories of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. More than three hundred years have passed since Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and established the Thirteen Kingdoms of the Grand British Empire. His descendant Empress Victoria II rules the Empire from Arthur’s golden throne in Camelot, but this is not her story or his. This is the story of Lancelot’s descendants, the Dornroschens.